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Build better surveys, get better insights

Getting to a great decision is a team effort—so we’ve made it even easier to collaborate with others on surveys. Our collaboration tools help you create, edit, and analyze surveys as a team and easily manage group projects. When you share the work, survey building is more efficient—so you can focus on uncovering insights from your data.

Share surveys and work together on all aspects of your survey projects, whether it’s getting another pair of eyes on a survey draft, or creating custom charts that bring your survey data to life.

Keep survey quality high and maintain brand consistency with:

  • custom_templatesCustom survey templates
  • library2A library for your company’s survey templates, logos, documents, and more
  • custom_theme2Custom themes that match your company or brand

Fast-track your survey projects

When your team can access your surveys and shared resources, you can move faster and avoid duplicate efforts. Cut down survey creation time by using survey templates and themes shared across the team.

Eliminate workarounds and get to decisions even faster when you:

  • creating_surveysCreate and share surveys together
  • commentingAllow others to review, add comments, and make edits
  • collaborationUse custom filters and reports from team members
  • exportGive access to results and export tools

Strengthen data protection and security

As an admin, easily manage your team and survey data. Quickly add and reassign people—even from your mobile device. Get your teammates contributing right away* and never lose valuable insights or data even if someone leaves your organization.

Maintain strong control of your survey data by:

  • add_remove_peopleAdding or reassigning people in your team as needed
  • account_infoRetaining account info, even when people leave the organization
  • billingConsolidating billing and converting existing accounts

*Fees are charged for additional users upon invite and prorated for the remainder of the subscription term.

How to work as a team in SurveyMonkey

Video: Team Collaboration feature tour

Get an inside look at how Team Collaboration helps you create, edit, and analyze surveys as a team.

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