* 1. Contact Information

* 2. Please indicate if you:

* 3. Were you aware of the previous proposals for the site in 2012?

* 4. Did you attend the last exhibition in December 2014?

* 5. How strongly do you support the following aspects of the Price's Candle redevelopment?

  Very Strongly Strongly Neutral Against Strongly Against
Retaining the existing heritage buildings
New high quality affordable homes for the area
High quality architecture and design
New shops in the area such as Waitrose and Heal's
Provision of an enhanced open space to act as the 'heart' of the local area
Improving links to the wider area including Thames riverfront access
New office space to meet local demand

* 6. Do you support these plans to redevelop the Candle Factory?

* 7. Please let us know any other comments you have on the redevelopment of the Candle Factory:

* 9. Would you like to be kept informed as our plans progress?