Thanks for showing interest in becoming a host for LAST NIGHT.

Below is a little bit of info you may want to know about being a host.

If you still have more questions after reading the below shoot me an

We hook you guys up with free entry, but that's just where the perks begin. For every payer you bring through the door, we'll pay you a bit of cash. This can translate to very solid money if you work hard enough. We've had people turn this into an actual job. If you have a "real" job (aka - one which makes you hate your life) then you might have more money than you know what to do with.

This is sounding good right? Here's the specifics:

* You get paid $$$ when you get 10 people on your list
* Have more than 5 people using your List for free drinks
* Plus many more ways to earn some extra cash and drinks on the side

Of course if you are a Uni student/student/work full time you do not need to make it out to every event you just need to show us you are putting effort in with your promoting and we can sign in for you so you still get pay!

So what do you need to do from here?

* Choose a Host List name that you use as advertising/people say at the door
* Advertise your Host List, invite your friends to the events & pick up some promo material.
* Party

The only rules we have are:
No promoting too close to the venues – 1km radius type thing
No making your own events (unless it is YOUR Birthday)

If you have any questions, I'm online pretty much 24/7. You'll be added to the host group once your application has been processed.

* 1. Name:

* 2. Host name: (Pick something unique and easy to remember)

* 3. Date of Birth:

* 4. Email:

* 5. Mobile number:

* 6. What are your favourite bands / artists?

* 7. What's your Facebook URL?

* 8. What's your Instagram username?