* 1. Which school do you go to?

* 2. What year group are you in?

* 3. Are you:

* 4. What do you use to go online? (please tick all you use)

* 5. How much time do you spend online in an average day?

* 6. How much TV (not online) do you watch on an average day?

* 7. What do you use the Internet for?

* 8. Have you ever seen anything on line that has made you feel upset?

* 9. If you have been upset by something you've seen online, would you like to explain what this was?

* 10. Have you ever said anything nasty to someone on line?

* 11. Have you ever received nasty comments/content online?

* 12. Do you strongly agree/agree/have no opinion/disagree or strongly disagree with the following statements:

  Strongly agree Agree No opinion Disagree Strongly disagree
I know more about the Internet than my parents
It is none of my parents' business what I do on line
I can protect the things I have put online (eg photos, status updates, tweets etc) from people I don’t want to share them with
I think I spend too much time online
I worry about things I have seen online
I sometimes can't sleep because I am thinking about things that happened online
I go online when I am lonely

* 13. Are there any rules at home for using the Internet?

* 14. If yes, what sort of rules are there (please tick all that apply)?

* 15. If you answered yes to rules at home, do you know how to get around these restrictions?

* 16. Who would you turn to if you were upset by something that happened online (please tick all that apply)?